Sunday, May 17, 2009

Please don't go to Hell

First of all I just want to give thanks to my Lord and Savior...JESUS CHRIST for saving my life from the pit of hell.

Here is my story.I'll make this as short as I can..I hope that this will help and inspire a lot of Muslims to convert to Christanity as I see it.

It did not work for me and the LORD have another plan "His ways are higher than ours".

I was born in France to a French Mother and Egyptain Father.Lived there for 2 years then my family moved back to Egypt and I lived there for like 10 years and then my dad went to work in Kuwait so we moved again this time to the Arabian Gulf and I was there for 6 years.

I finish my High school and left Kuwait and went back to Egypt...HALLELUJAH! To finish my colloge for 4 years where I was alone where my parents where still in Kuwait.They use to come every year twice and stay like a month and a half..."Can't wait for them to leave"

By the way my Dad was a Dentist and a Professor teaching in the Kuwaity colloge,my Mom was a clothes designer.So as you can see I came from a good upper class family.

Any way I left Egypt and came to the state in the early 90's and I worked in some good jobs,started to do drugs,alcohol and went out with a different woman every week.I'am not suppose to do that as a Muslim but let me tell you something

A lot of so called Muslims do even worse than that and they just carry out the label...Muslims

I know that a lot of them will not be happy if they read this blog but I don't care because I want the truth out.Also the truth is not all of them are like that but the thing that bother me is they treat women like a second class.

How do you do that???When she is the one that carried your babies,take care of your house hold,love you,get your back,always there for you....and so on.


It's not written in the Qur'an to treat your wife like that,or women like that...but they do.Some country's are granting women some freedom but it will take them years to be free like women over here.

Going back to my story...I met my beautiful wife 15 years ago and in 3 months we where married.We felt in love from the first date,the first look...I know that she was the one for me...even she was Christain.But we get married and she was contantly asking me to go to church with her,but I was like honey I was born as a Muslim,gonna live as a Muslim & will die as a Muslim.

As I said the LORD have better plan for me 'cause one day one guy was bothering her and I have to show up in church to takecare of him.

Taking care of him I did but I set there listening to the sermon and it was beautiful.I'll never forget about it.It was about how GOD the Father give His only beloved Son JESUS CHRIST for our sins.The way the pastor did it was beautiful that I did cried at the end and from that day I know it moved something inside of me

I start searching and reading more about JESUS and then I went a couple of times with my wife to her church"Time Square Church" but I was still in my comfort zone with my drugs and alcohol.

One day I was tired of doing the same old thing and I was thinking about suicide.But I just thought about JESUS and I said LORD IF YOU'RE FOR REAL REVEAL YOUR SELF TO ME.

He did in like couple of minutes I felt His present,I started to shake up and cry uncontrollably.I know then that He was for real.I asked Him to take that drugs and alcohol away and by next day I've been drug & alcohol free since...Hallelujah....You don't know how much I love the LORD

Because I encounter that with Him...Not like someone told me about it.Then I went to get baptize in the church.We where trying to have a baby for 4 years but it wasn't out time yet.But once I accepted the LORD my wife was pregent and the LORD blessed us twice.Once in the first 4 months with people that we just meet at church but they where so happy to hear my testimony as they can't believe that I was a Muslim converted to Christainty...JESUS GET THE GLORY.

They supply our baby boy Joshua with every thing from the nail clipper to the stroller.Then before my wife give birth to Joshua 3 weeks early our friends in church throw her a baby shower

that when we tried to leave we have 9 big huge garbage bags fall of stuff for that blessed baby and to top that when we get home there were over 200 cards contain $20 to $35 each.

JESUS IS GREAT....I'll never trade Him for anything in life...That was the best decision I made.There is no looking back

My family didn't talk to me for 2 years and counting but I get my family here.My family in CHRIST.

Remember in the beginning I told you about growing up between Egypt and Kuwait...JESUS used that for His GLORY.I joined the Military 5 years ago to pay back to the country that took me for the last 16 years.Especially that there was and still a big need for people who speak ARABIC.

When I joined I left my wife and son alone 'cause the nearest brother is in LongIsland.They were taking care of but not like if I'am there.Any way the army send me to IRAQ on my First tour in 2007 and after 6 month working with Special Forces in one of the most dangerous mission I get hurt.

I was shot in my left knee and a week before that I was hit by a Mortar.But I ascape death more than 4 times there.Thanks to the LORD...His hand was on me all the time...I got to share the Gospel with a couple of my guys in the unit and they give their lives to JESUS...Hallelujah

So I come home and it took me like 4 month to get to my state to be with my family to get the care I need.That's how the Army works.

But I'am greatful and thankful 'cause one week before I get hurt we were going out on mission and I suppose to be in the first squad but at the last minute my commander change everything and I end up with Him in the third squad

and before we enter the first house an IED "Explosive Device" blow up and killed all the guys in the first squad.How about that???That was just one of the things that JESUS did to protect me since I give my life to Him.

What I want to say here is JESUS is the way the truth and the life....There is nobody else on earth can take away your sin like JESUS...
JESUS work..His's for real,repent don't know if you'll live for tomorrow.You don't want to go to hell.


A lot of Muslims will try to tell you that I'am wrong in everything I said.Just remember that I use to be a Muslim for 35 years.I read the Qur'an many times.

I can tell you now...JESUS IS THE ONLY ONE THAT WORKS....No islam,judism,budism any other ism that works.

Tell me about any other belief that someone die for their sin...NONE.....ONLY JESUS.

My dream is to work in the mission field and to help many people as I can,to bring every body to the LORD.To let them experience how wonderful and loving JESUS is.

One last thing if you're reading this I just want you to know that GOD love you so much even while you where a sinner and He still love you and want you to come back to Him and be with Him so He can bless you.

"GOD is Glorified when you simply live your life for the right things.Whether you Successed or Fail."

P.S.Feel free to leave any comment.I'd love to hear from you
GOD Bless!

Dear my heart,my eyes and my ears so I can truly see the good things in my life,So often I take for granted the everyday blessings of Family,Health....Strenght...Breath...Peace....Joy,the ability to think & act....Freedom,safety,Friends....and so much more.
Thank You..LORD.for all the ways that You show me that You love me.